Each Actemium Business Unit deeply embraces both the values of VINCI Energies – trust, entrepreneurship, solidarity, responsibility and autonomy – as well as the Actemium network essentials – safety first, twinning, positive attitude, team spirit and contributing.

These values embody the desire of our Brand to work as a real, dynamic and united network. We believe that enabling our employees to move up and achieve their full potential is a key success for our future. The 20,000 women and men who make up the Actemium network of 300 Business Units share these values.

  • Safety first: Safety is an absolute priority and a pre-requisite to all our actions.
  • Twinning: Work together in order to win together in a partnership spirit and develop business opportunities.
  • Positive attitude: Turn difficulties into opportunities and share success.
  • Team spirit: Share unconditionally and behave as openminded and supportive team players.
  • Contributing: Play an active role in the network, giving and receiving, be aware of our responsibility towards Actemium and act accordingly.
Slogan of the international Actemium network