ProCS, s.r.o. became a member of the international Actemium network (grouping together business units from the VINCI Energies group), which is focused on clients from the industry sector, in January 1st, 2015. This step ensured the active representation of the Actemium brand in the Slovak Republic.

The ProCS, s.r.o. corporation was established in 1992, after the management buyout of the system of automated technological processes from the former state owned enterprise Duslo Šaľa.

In 2007, ProCS, s.r.o. became a member of the international VINCI Energies group, which belongs to the VINCI holding company, quoted on the Paris stock exchange. VINCI Energies SK became a majority owner of ProCS, s.r.o. during this year.

During its time on the market, ProCS, s.r.o. has established itself as a recognized engineering company that offers tailor made solutions in the field of industrial automatization, both in Slovakia and abroad.

Its task is to play the role of a systems integrator for the supply of various types of systems that are applied for industrial automatization. Starting in January 1st, 2015, ProCS, s.r.o. continues to operate under its business name; however, it now conducts its business and project execution under the Actemium brand, in accordance with the strategy of the VINCI Energies group.

The aim of this strategy is:

  • To highlight the affiliation of ProCS, s.r.o. with the VINCI Energies group, as well as with its other members, who target clients from the industry sector and are all brought together by the Actemium brand.
  • To provide services to on a local and global level for its clients from the industry sector.

ProCS, s.r.o. is referred to as Actemium Slovakia in the internal structures of the VINCI Energies group, and is the main contact point for all activites of the international Actemium network in the Slovak Republic.