SW Engineering

  • Software Engineering

    As asystems integrator, we deliver state-of-the-art technology, equipment, products and service, which are independent from individual automation technology producers, ranging from design to commissioning and post-warranty service and maintenance.

    We offer following services for software engineering :

    • application software for control systems (design and configuration)
    • software simulation
    • documentation processing for qualification / validation of control system
    • interfaces and integration of external systems (3rd party systems)
    • process visualization
    • historization and reporting
    • BATCH technology
    • database systems
    • MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)
    • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) / SAT (Site Acceptance Test).

    When dealing with software solution development, we draw from our employees’ many years of industry expertise in the field of process automation in order to meet the individual requirements of our customers. We implement technical standards that correspond to a particular industry. We solve automation tasks with systems from leading automation technology manufactures and we belong to the certified systems partner schemes of:

    • Siemens – Solution partner for PCS7 systems
    • Rockwell – systems integrator
    • Wonderware – systems integrator
    • Metso – systems integrator for the MetsoDNA system

    We are also familiar with the systems of other automation technology manufatures, such as :

    • Yokogawa
    • Emerson
    • Invensys
    • Schneider
    • HIMA
    • Woodward
  • Control systems

    We provide state-of-the-art and manufacturer-independent solutions for the automation of industrial processes, along with its infrastructure. Our activities include all levels of automation, from field instrumentation to plant management. We apply a variety of automated systems to meet the individual requirements of our customers, such as:

    • Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
    • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
    • Distributed control systems (DCS)
    • Emergency shut down systems (ESDS)
    • Turbine Protection Systems (TPS)
    • Burner Management Systems (BMS)
    • Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS)
    • Closed-circuit television (CCTV)
    • Gas Detection Systems / Fire Detection Systems(GDS/FDS)
    • Electronic protection systems / Electronic security systems
    • (Continuous) Emission Monitoring Systems (C EMS)
    • Asset Management System (AMS)

    We utilise standard field and system bus technology:

    • Modbus (RTU, TCP)
    • Profibus (DP, PA)
    • Profinet
    • Fundation Fieldbus
    • Ethernet
    • DeviceNet
    • OPC
    • AS-I Bus
    • HART
    • WiFi
  • Process automation

    The method of reverse engineering is applied for the upgrading of control systems and for the migration of old systems, along with import of data, modules and graphic panels to the highest possible extent. Such asolution is offered on the level of :

    • Field instrumentation
    • Process control system
    • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
    • Integration of process control systems into Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

    Actemium offers solutions for the following type of projects:

    • Application of new control systems for newly constructed plants (green field project)
    • Application of new control systems on existing plants (upgrading and modernization of existing system)
    • Complete replacement of old control system while keeping existing field instrumentation (outright replacement of old control system for a new one)
    • Partial replacement of old control system while keeping existing field instrumentation (old control system is replaced for a new one in several phases)
    • Modernization of control systems (control system upgrade)
    • Modification of the control system application software (due to the changes in plant processes)

Your contact: Mr. Miloš Pinka, e-mail: milos.pinka@actemium.sk, Phone No: +421 903 483 323